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Whilst observing road cones at the various road construction locations across the country, they may not appear to be much more than a conically-shaped structure at the side of the road. On the contrary, however, the design and construction of the humble road cone need to conform to very stringent and specific manufacturing requirements.


heavy-based road cone

A road cone, otherwise known as a pylon (or traffic pylon) is not an unusual site for South African motorists. It may cause frustration from time to time, causing traffic delays and congestion but, in most cases, it must be borne in mind that this conical object plays a vital role in the safety of the public. In many cases, it provides the necessary awareness during the construction of roads, buildings and other necessary infrastructure.

Their presence encourages almost instantaneous speed reduction, driver attention and allows for workers, law enforcement officials and, in some instances, emergency response units to complete their tasks safely. Minimising the risk of injury or damage to the motorist, their vehicle, other road users and their vehicles and, equally, ensuring the safety of the individuals performing their duties.

The label “road cone” or “traffic pylon” may also be confusing to some as they have many uses other than to alert drivers of causes for concern on public roads. Regardless of where you see them or what duty they are performing, you wouldn’t be surprised to note that they have probably been manufactured by Armco Superlite. The reasons for this are abundant and we will explore them as we unfold the importance of, the uses for and the requirements of the humble road cone in construction.


The Importance of the humble Road Cone in Construction

The principal function of the road cone in construction is to provide safety to the public. It warns pedestrians, motorists and other public area users to be observant. The road cone is a warning signal that there may be an obstruction, a specific danger may lay ahead or individuals might be performing maintenance duties. All of these factors are reasons for the public to be alert as it may compromise their safety or notify them of changes to the thoroughfare ahead. When it comes to construction, there may be an Armco Superlite road cone for every occasion.


Building and Infrastructure Construction

Although often accompanied by an appropriate warning sign, in building or infrastructure construction, the trusty road cone may advise motorists or pedestrians of possible dangers from above like falling materials, building rubble or other debris, or that a crane may be operational overhead. It could advise the public to be cautious at ground level, warning of heavy construction vehicle movement, deliveries to the site or to beware of scaffolding structures.

The appearance of the dependable road cone near a construction site may even include danger from below. For example, open manhole covers, or newly opened trenches could be causes for the obstruction or safety. Often, a contractor may make use of a bright-coloured road cone (or a number of them) manufactured by Armco Superlite during the construction process to form safe passageways or avenues for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, guiding them away from danger or other potential safety concerns.

Armco Superlite’s 300mm, light, durable easy-to-carry road cone takes care of the indoor construction areas, specifically when public foot traffic is abundant nearby such as at train stations, bus terminals or shopping malls, for example. This versatile little sentry may be used for pedestrian diversion and warnings for loose or hazardous building materials in the vicinity.

On the construction site, beyond the safety barriers, these never-failing conical structures could be used to warn the workers themselves of potential risks, dangers or safety concerns. As with the general public, there are very similar hazards. These are clearly marked by traffic pylons and observed by the workers, however, there are many additional safety concerns on site.

There is, for example, live electricity, cabling pipes, poles, plumbing and an endless list of other hazardous materials, equipment and situations that workers need to be made aware of. Contractors prefer to use a road cone that has durability and strength. The brightly coloured, long-lasting road cone produced by Armco Superlite is easily recognisable and will endure the demanding conditions seen at urban construction sites. It is made to the exact height specifications of 300 and 450mm (depending on its purpose).


Intermediary Builds, Maintenance and Smaller Construction Projects

Construction projects vary in size, cost and duration. In maintenance revamps, for example, the project may only take a few hours and require only one or two workers. The duration is short, and the profit margins are narrow. However, whether the work takes place at the top of a ladder or in the middle of the road, or whether it disturbs a loan commuter or thousands of pavement pedestrians, the size of the project, the minimal profit and the number of individuals inconvenienced should not waver the relevant safety precautions that need to be in effect.

Being a small project, it may not call for the extensive safety and protective barriers and other precautions required on a larger construction site. However, no matter how small the project, there is no getting away from the need to have at the very least, a warning sign together with the trustworthy Armco Superlite road cone structures surrounding the work area.

Their accompanying reflective sleeves are difficult to miss, too. They illuminate as effectively at dawn and dusk as they do during the night-time hours, and even if accidentally collided with by an unobservant motorist, the road cone is specifically designed to survive the impact and minimise damage to the vehicle.

Contractors are obligated to prioritise the safety of the general public, their employees and their property equally. This responsibility does not diminish with the size of the project. Smaller construction and intermediary building sites should address safety as seriously as that of their more elaborate cousins.

Armco Superlite kept the independent contractor in mind when designing tough traffic pylons. We realise that, most often, a road cone structure or relevant positioning of the pylons along with the appropriate signage is the only warning barrier that this sector of construction has at its disposal. This is why Armco offers sturdy, strong 300 and 450mm pylons with wide 180 and 280mm width bases respectively, which not only ensures that they are sturdy enough to stand their ground but are also UV-protected against the harshest African weather, and they are stackable and easy to transport.


Road Repairs and Construction of Roads

These begin with the independent contractor. Suburban streets, roads and surrounding highways need constant maintenance. Climatically induced conditions, excessive flora growth, accident damage or neglect could lead to the deterioration of these flat-topped surfaces. Cracks, ruptures and potholes need to be repaired regularly.

In urban areas where traffic speeds are lower, Armco Superlite’s 450mm road cone, along with the relevant signage, is perfect for warning traffic of approaching obstructions. Additionally, they may be positioned to divert vehicles and pedestrians around the maintenance area.

Once contractors move to the repair of existing or the construction of new highways, bridges, underpasses or national roads, the demand for traffic management increases significantly. Average speeds are much higher along these straight, flat surfaces. Warning mediums and signs of impending obstructions and roadworks ahead must therefore be larger and more visible further away from where the work is being done.

This is where Armco’s 750mm high, flow mould soft cone stands up to be counted. Its strong, sturdy 385mm base width plants it firmly on the ground and its 1.7kg weight maximises resistance to large-vehicle blow-over. Complimenting these features, its hollow cone interior and overall design assists with minimising vehicular impact damage.


If you’re looking for Traffic Management Armour – Come to Armco

Armco Superlite carries an extensive range of road safety and traffic management products which mitigate injury risks and promotes the safety of our fellow South African motorists along these sometimes-hazardous construction routes. When you see our impressive safety range preceding a road construction site, it is undeniable that you may find our full range of road cones along the way.


Get the full stable of 3 Champions:

  1. Starting with the featherweight 300mm x 180mm pedestrian and interior pylon, weighing in at a nifty, easy-to-carry 0.5kg.
  2. Our middleweight monster, the 450mm x 280mm urban traffic and pedestrian avenue guiders weighs in at 1.1kg.
  3. Road construction: 750mm x 385mm at a considerable weigh-in of 1.7kg, our undisputed heavyweight champion.

Our full stable is of flow mould, soft cone design and manufacture. They have been skilfully designed and produced to be pliable enough to minimise vehicle impact damage yet, with UV protection, be tough and rugged enough for any construction site under the harshest African sunlight.

Sturdy and strong, they take the hits and keep staying up. They’re heavy enough to stay in place yet lightweight enough to be stackable and easily transportable. For more information on our full stable of champions, the brand leaders in their industry, consult with our professional engineers.


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