A guardrail is a road-safety barrier installed next to the road or on a highway median. Below are instances where the installation of a guardrail from a reputable supplier may be required:

Guardrails On A Sharp Turn

The traditional W-beam guardrail, as available from a road-safety product supplier such as Armco Superlite, is installed on a curve in the road where it is dangerous for a driver to lose control over their vehicle and drive off the allocated path. In this instance, the guardrail prevents the vehicle from leaving the path and enter hazardous terrain. If the impact is diagonal, it redirects the vehicle back to the safe road space. If it is head-on, the rail prevents the vehicle from going through the rail.

Guardrails On A Mountain Pass at The Edge of A Road

Another instance where you can benefit from purchasing a high-quality barrier is where a steep cliff or slope next to the road creates dangerous driving conditions. If a vehicle leaves the safe pathway, it could go down the mountainside and the barrier serves to indicate the edge of the road, provide path guidance in low light and at night, improve driver confidence as protection is provided, and prevent a vehicle from going over the edge.

Guardrails On the Median of Two Opposing Carriageways on A Freeway

It can also be installed on the grass island between two opposing carriageways of a freeway to prevent vehicles from making U-turns into the fast lane. With only a grass median, drivers may take chances and cross the island to turn into fast-moving oncoming traffic. In this case, the barrier also serves to prevent illegal action rather than only prevent vehicles accidental straying from the safe pathway.

There are many other instances where such a guardrail can be installed to improve road safety. It is best to discuss the installation guidelines with your supplier. Get in touch with us as a trusted supplier of road-safety products for more information on our guardrails.