Safer Streets, Safer Communities: The Universal Impact of the Speed Ramp on Road Safety


Speed Ramp

When vehicles are moving slower, they have less impact in the event of a collision and a well-positioned speed ramp enforces these slower traffic speeds. These ramps, sometimes known as speed bumps or undulations, are raised, vertical obstacles in the road that are designed to slow traffic down significantly. They are typically used in residential areas on streets and near schools and other public places but can also be observed at road construction sites, road accidents, and law enforcement checkpoints.


Although speed restrictions are often in place to encourage safe driving, posted sign limits can be easily missed or ignored by errant drivers. So, to deter speeding and encourage traffic calming in these areas, physical obstacles in the roadway or environment are often incorporated, such as the humble speed ramp. They are typically the most commonly and effectively used structural trafficmanagement elements and can be either permanent fixtures made of concrete or asphalt or temporary ones made of plastic or rubber.


Speed Enforcement through the Speed Ramp System


The temporary speed ramp is a versatile piece of road safety equipment as it can be used in permanent or temporary traffic-control situations. They are often observed on suburban streets where traffic needs to flow slowly and in areas where excessive speeds may be hazardous to pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. These are a few examples of where the speed ramp may be used in cities and suburbs:


  • Roads bordering schools, municipal buildings, and law enforcement offices
  • Residential estates where children and their pets are likely to play in or near the road
  • Public roads in residential areas where motorists are known for exceeding the speed limit
  • Roads in residential areas where its purpose is to limit the use of the street as a thoroughfare
  • Entrances and exits to enclosed areas, such as corporate parks, hospitals, old age homes, shopping malls, and airports
  • Parking areas where access-control measures are applied or where motorists must be prevented from exceeding the speed limit


The effectiveness of speed bumps in managing traffic flow and ensuring safe travel in municipal areas are numerous. Moreover, they can create calming environments, reduce noise pollution, and promote fuel efficiency.


The Use of Undulations in Road Safety, Road Works, and Related Industries


Speed bumps are just as effective elsewhere. Often, on dual carriageways where traffic is diverted into one lane for various reasons, a speed ramp will be utilised for this function. Reasons for this sudden decrease in traffic speed are numerous but could include:


  1. Toll Roads: In entrance and exit points of toll road booths, speed ramps could be used to slow traffic when passing through units like our QuadGuard Safety System.


  1. National Key Points: Likewise, speed bumps could be used to control traffic speeds into and out of national key points like harbours, train stations, airports, military bases, and more.


  1. Law Enforcement: Speed bumps are effectively used at roadblocks where vehicles have to pass through registration plate checkpoints while officers inspect for outstanding fines.


  1. Emergency Services: They can be used for run-away bushfires, building fires, motor vehicle accidents, and more, where emergency services need traffic to move past at slow speeds to avoid further tragedy.


  1. Road Construction: Whether in urban areas or on national roads, if traffic needs to be directed away from roadworks and other municipal repairs, speed ramps will often be used to reduce traffic speeds. In these and many other instances, road bumps would typically be used in conjunction with many other types of road-safety equipment like road signs, delineators, water-filled barriers, and traffic cones.


Where to Look for Superior Speed Ramps


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