The safety barrier, as the name indicates, is a boundary next to the road to protect vehicles from leaving the safe travel path. A motorist can fall asleep when tired and driving at night. With the guardrail on the side, the vehicle is redirected to the safe path of travel upon impact. This type of boundary is also useful to prevent vehicles from breaking through. As a reputable supplier of such products in South Africa, we briefly introduce a few of the typical examples available from our product catalogue.

W-Beam Guardrail

Made from steel, the W-beam’s safety panel has a distinctive “W” design. This design helps to improve the strength of the rail. In fact, this guardrail is designed to absorb and disperse the energy from an impact throughout the entire length of the beam system. As such, the impact energy is transferred from the vehicle to the guardrail and, therefore, dissipated as efficiently as possible. This type of rail is installed on mountain passes, at paths over bodies of water, and on highways. When installed on the median of a highway it serves to prevent motorists from using the centre section to make U-turns right into the oncoming traffic’s fast lane. The rail can be supplied with an end terminal.

Water- or Sand-Filled Filled Road-Safety Barrier Supplier

We also supply the well-known bright-yellow visual barriers that can be filled with water or sand to keep them from blowing away They are used at temporary hazards such as burst pipes, roadworks, ditches, and the like. The units are lightweight when empty for easy deployment and storage.

Wire-Rope Rail

We are also a supplier of the wire-rope barrier. This type of rail takes up little space and is thus well suited for installation where space is limited. It can also be used to demarcate a bus or bicycle lane.

As a road-safety barrier supplier, we offer installation guidance on all our products. Get in touch to discuss your product requirements.