Sheathing I Galvanised Sheathing


Weathering the Elements: Sheathing as the First Line of Defence in Construction   Galvanised sheathing in the construction industry is one of the most convenient, dependable, and versatile products used in modern-day building projects. This is because, for multiple decades before its conception, builders faced a constant battle against the elements. Wind, rain, icy conditions,

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Galvanizing I Protecting Metals


Galvanizing in Construction: Strengthening Structures for the Long Haul Galvanizing is a manufacturing process of applying a protective layer of molten zinc to steel, iron, and other metals to prevent them from rusting. It is the most common method of protecting these metals from corrosion and is fast becoming a medium of choice for construction

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Galvanization | Benefits of Galvanized Steel


Steel Galvanization: Advantages and Applications in Various Industries When a coating of zinc is applied to prepared steel or iron to offer it protection and prevent corrosion or rust, it is referred to as the process of galvanization or galvanizing. There are different ways to galvanize pieces of metal, but the most popular form is

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Galvanized Culvert Pipe | Industrial Tunnels


Galvanized Culvert Pipe: Enhancing Infrastructure with Corrosion Resistance and Structural Integrity There are many reasons why galvanized culvert pipes may be used in infrastructure projects. From water diffusion and the prevention of flooding in low-lying areas to carrying the load of overhead streets and bridges, the transport of minerals, and storage in the mining industry,

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Galvanizers | Galvanizers in South Africa l Galvanizing Specialists


The Benefits of Galvanizing: Why More Industries are Turning to Galvanizers More industries are turning to galvanizers nationally and internationally since, over time, it has become evident that it is the most cost-effective way of protecting steel over long periods. Steel that has been treated with hot dip galvanization with an average thickness of 85

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Hot Dip Galvanization | The Value of Galvanization in Construction


Guide to Hot Dip Galvanization: Why Galvanizing is Important in Construction Metals are widely used in the construction industry. But corroding metals pose a risk to the integrity of the structures. From bolts and nuts to tools, roof sheets, steel beams, rails, culverts, and tunnels, all are made from steel. These materials are constantly exposed

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What makes a guardrail so safe? | Armco Guardrail | Road Safety


What Makes a Road Safety Guardrail So Safe? A highway guardrail is designed to improve road safety. With this as the main purpose, the barrier must also be designed to be safe. Although it cannot prevent accidents altogether and there is no guarantee that it will save lives in every incident, if installed correctly and

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Galvanizers Isando & Randfontein | Hot-dip Galvanizing


Armco Galvanizers Isando and Randfontein: Why Hot-Dip Galvanisation?  Armco Galvanizers Isando is one of the largest galvanising plants in South Africa. The location of the plant makes it possible to ship large construction, engineering, road building and mine-related galvanised products across the country. With Armco Galvanizers at Isando and Randfontein meeting the quality management system

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