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What are Truck Mounted Attenuators and Why Do They Matter?

Truck mounted attenuators, also known as TMAs, are shock absorbing devices, that are attached to the back of large vehicles to protect workers and equipment. The purpose is to protect them from impact collisions. In this article, we’ll discuss features

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What to Know About Guardrails and Road Safety Product Suppliers

A highway guardrail serves the function of improving road safety conditions. Although this is the main purpose, it is also imperative to only install it where absolutely necessary, as will become clear in this article. Apart from choosing the right

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Road-Safety Products for Temporary and Permanent Applications

As a trusted supplier of road-safety products in South Africa, we ensure that our products meet the relevant manufacturing and safety standards. We are also a well-known delineator supplier. Many of the road-safety products used locally come from our product

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