Quadguard Crash Cushions: Raising the Bar in Employee Road Safety Equipment

Quadguard | Crash Cushions


In construction projects where the end goal is to protect staff from errant drivers and other traffic hazards, Quadguard crash cushions are raising the bar. While there is a host of road safety equipment available that might assist in protecting your workers and equipment during the construction process, there are few that effectively take care of employees’ safety when working amongst moving traffic daily.

As specialist road safety equipment suppliers, we at Armco Superlite realise that the main objective of impact-resistant road safety crash cushions is to assist in protecting your staff and equipment from injury or damage while keeping road users safe. There should be traffic signs warning of road works ahead, speed-reduction signage, flag wavers, and additional road safety equipment to slow traffic down and guide motorists away from work areas in a controlled environment. For these types of construction sites, we have a full portfolio of top-quality road safety equipment.

However, for installations where employees are protected from traffic more permanently (post construction), like toll road collector booths, entrance/egress booms at harbours, airports, container yards, casinos, secure residential estates, and parking arcades, to name a few, there are Quadguard crash cushions. Let’s take a closer look at these versatile, impact-resistant barriers and why you should consider them for your next employee protection project.


Setting the Standard in Employee Road Safety Equipment through Quadguard Crash Cushions

image descriptionThere is a new family of Quadguard, impact-resistant crash cushions that offer the latest technology for shielding hazards 610mm to 1755mm. They are not only setting the standard in employee protection, but they are also raising the bar. These safety barriers are NCHRP 350 TL-3 compliant.

Each Quadguard safety system has energy-absorbing, crushable cartridges, which are surrounded by a framework of steel Quad-Beam™ panels, and they have redefined this test level of performance for redirective, non-gating attenuators.


11 More Advantages of Choosing Quardguard Road Safety Barriers

Quadguard | Crash Cushions

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Here are 11 benefits of Quardguard road safety barriers:

  • They are compact and modular in design and can accommodate between 1 and 12 bays.
  • They can accommodate impact speeds between 40km/h and 120km/h.
  • Quad-Beam™ panels provide 30% higher beam strength than thrie beam comparatives.
  • Staged cartridge design decelerates light cars and heavier, high centre-of-gravity vehicles safely.
  • Installation is easier as the monorail base eliminates the need for tension cables and anchoring chains.
  • Having no legs due to the self-supporting nose design reduces installation and maintenance time.
  • You get multiple choices through simplified backups. You have a choice between concrete or tension struts.
  • Quadguard systems offer high efficiency and 80% reusability, making them quick and easy to repair. This allows for quick refurbishment and keeps repair costs to a minimum.
  • The cartridges contain collision debris, enhancing employee protection and reducing refurbishment and clean-up operations post-impact.
  • Following a head-on collision, typically only the cartridge and plastic nose are expended, further reducing costs and repair.


You Can Help to Save Lives with Armco’s Range of Road Safety Equipment

When it comes to employee safety and assisting in the protection of staff both during and after construction, there should be no place for compromise in quality. At Armco Superlite, we have met and superseded the standards of safety requirements with our Quadguard range of crash cushions, and we can offer them to you at extremely competitive rates.

Additionally, while installing these road safety barriers, both your construction team and equipment may be in harm’s way for extended periods. There will be lane closures, periods of traffic congestion, and times when vehicles will flow past your work area at increased speeds. For the duration of your project, why not consider your workers’ safety and also acquire our water-filled barriers?

We also offer a selection of polyethylene road cones, delineators, speed ramps, and a plethora of additional, quality road safety equipment. When deciding on equipment for your next project, consider arming yourself with Armco. Contact us for a consultation. Our skilled team is waiting for your call.


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