A Superior Selection of Road Barriers for Sale

When searching for superior road barriers for sale, one needs to begin with a company that offers a complete range of dependable, durable road safety products. The types of road safety barrier systems one would select will depend on their application and the level of safety they need to provide. They are available in various options. For example, permanently installed barriers or temporary systems that are only needed for a short duration. Most often, they are made from either steel, wood, wire or lightweight, durable materials.

These structures are available through several suppliers both nationally and internationally. However, when one is deciding on equipment that will be responsible for separating staff and equipment from vehicular traffic, protecting pedestrians from harm or saving lives by diverting vehicles in the event of a collision, one simply cannot compromise on quality.

Road Safety Barrier Systems

3 Quality Road Barriers for Sale through Armco Superlite

At Armco Superlite, we understand that quality, reliability and dependability should be congruent with durability, longevity and investment. This is why we supply a superior selection of road safety barrier systems that endure the harshest South African weather and meet the relevant national road safety regulations. Here are three excellent examples of our road barriers for sale:

  1. Temporary Water-filled Safety Barriers: Employed predominantly on mobile road working projects where barriers need to be in position for a short period, we are proud to present these quality road safety barrier systems. Manufactured from high-impact, UV-stabilised polyethylene, they come in three convenient sizes to demarcate any road construction project.

The largest of the three, measuring 2.030m in length with a height of 1.015m and a base width of 520mm, weighs 28kg and is stackable and transportable. When filled with sand or water, it weighs in at 80kg which assists in the prevention of movement and potential theft. They are not designed for vehicular impacts. However, once filled and interlocked, they do form a formidable barrier. These barriers would ideally be accompanied by the EuroNEAT™ impact-protection system.

  1. Guardrail Barriers: Our internationally renowned guardrail road safety barrier systems are available in 3.81m and 4m effective lengths but special lengths are available upon request. Individual sections may be curved to fit any radius from 3 to 45m. The product is manufactured according to SANS 1350 specifications. Additionally, they are available as hot-dip galvanized to SANS 121 / ISO 1461 requirements or uncoated. End protection is also available in standard and bullnose end wings.

These road safety barrier systems are attached to our standard timber posts which measure 1800mm long x 150-175mm in diameter. They are available in both domed and bevelled tops and arrive pre-drilled for easy installation. Our posts conform to SANS 457 specifications and are creosoted to preserve the timber. Steel posts can be manufactured to customer specifications upon request.

  1. Steel Wire Rope Safety Fences: In conjunction with our partners, Danish company, Brdr. Markussens Metalvarefabrik (BMM), we have developed the Safence which is a product from Blue Systems. Our wire rope fences are designed to meet the requirements for road safety barrier systems according to NCHRP 350-TL4 and the new European CEN standards. All installations are done per Blue Systems’ specifications and completed by accredited Armco Road Safety Products teams.

Water Filled Barriers

Arm Yourself with Armco

If you are considering procurement of quality road safety barrier systems, arm yourself with Armco Superlite. We offer a full range of road safety products for all purposes and end-to-end production and supply services.

We know our superior products will beat any inferior imitations, so we invite investigation and comparison. Our products deliver quality, durability and longevity and will ensure a rewarding long-term investment. Save time and money by consulting with us for a quotation. Armco Superlite – leader in road safety equipment.


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