Road Guard Rails for Sale: Enhancing Road Safety and Compliance for Construction Projects

Many companies advertise road guard rails for sale, but it must be borne in mind that many rules, regulations, and compliances need to be adhered to for them to be deemed safe for use on public roads. Road guard rails (also known as “W-Beam” guard rails because of their unique “W” shape), when viewed transversely, can protect assets and pedestrians from moving vehicles in and around industrial or commercial complexes and car parks.

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Inversely, they are just as effective on public roads on both straight and curved sections. Regardless of speed restrictions, W-Beam guard rails may be used to separate opposing traffic flows, protect pedestrians at robots and busy intersections, or protect errant drivers from dangerous obstacles on the side of the road like bridges, ditches, and flood drains. They may also be found along curves and stretches of road where the motorist needs to be protected from more severe hazards beyond the verge like non-transversal slopes and steep ascends or descends, hills, and valleys.

Our professionally qualified engineers at Armco Superlite know that to protect drivers and members of the public, W-Beam guard rails need to meet specific standards to absorb and deflect the tremendous kinetic energy involved in an impact collision. The wooden struts need to disengage and allow movement of the steel barrier. This forms a side or oblique impact net, catching the vehicle and slowing it down. That is why, when we advertise road guard rails for sale, you can be assured that it meets every legal compliance applicable to national and international road safety regulations.


Road Guard Rails for Sale that You Can Trust  

Our road guard rails for sale are internationally recognised for their concise construction, manufacture, and excellent attention to detail. They are superior in design and meet global standards because they:

  • Mark the limit of safe travel and warn of danger
  • Reduce centreline crowding by increasing driver confidence
  • Restrain and guide out-of-control vehicles
  • Are highly visible at night due to reflective delineators

Here are a few things you need to know about our road guard rails for sale:

  • They are available in effective lengths of 3.81m and 4m.
  • Special lengths are also available upon request.
  • The individual sections can be bent to match a variety of curves, ranging from 3m to 45m in radius.
  • All our road guard rails for sale are manufactured according to SANS 1350 specifications.
  • End protection in the form of standard and bullnose end wings is available upon request.
  • They are available in either uncoated or in hot dip galvanized to SANS 121/ISO 1461 for extreme longevity.
  • Installation guidelines are available on request.


Guard Rail Posts that Meet the Criteria

Our W-Beam guard rails are supported with posts that meet the standards:

  • Standard timber posts measure 1800mm long x 150-175mm diameter.
  • Domed and bevelled tops are available.
  • They are pre-drilled for ease of installation.
  • They are treated with creosote for timber longevity.
  • All our timber posts conform to SANS 457 specifications.
  • Steel posts can be manufactured to customer specifications upon request.


Visible Through the Day and at Night

Our guardrails fit all types of curves, bends, or straights and are clearly visible during the day and night. They:

  • Are available with Type D reflectors (delineators) as specified by the Department of Transport, as well as Type V reflectors
  • Are manufactured from Chromadek to ensure minimum corrosion and long service life
  • Have retro-reflective material that complies with provisions of CKS 191
  • Are colour coded to customer specification
  • Have slotted bases for ease of installation
  • Come with other basic materials that might be required for high visibility on request


Arm Yourself Through Armco

At Armco Superlite, we strive to be the leading specialists in the manufacture and supply of internationally recognised W-Beam guard rails and other superior road safety solutions. For decades, our entire portfolio of superior products has been used extensively by construction companies, mining houses, security and janitorial companies, other contractors, and consulting engineers globally due to the quality of our stock and our reputation and expertise.

If you require road safety equipment for your next construction project, whether temporary or permanent, contact us.

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