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As a leading supplier of road safety products in South Africa, we pride ourselves on quality design, manufacturing, materials and support. Our product range includes from 1,8 metre cones for use at mine sites to the revolutionary QuadGuard® system, monster man barrier, and the W-beam guardrail system, to name only a few.

Have a look at some of the products available in our road safety category below.


1,8 Metre road cone Armco Road Safety Products

With a height of 1,8 metres, the brightly coloured monster-sized safety cone is suitable for usage at sites where large vehicles operate. The sheer size makes the cone more visible. It is also heavy enough not to be blown over by the wind of passing vehicles.

The pylon has specially drilled holes for securing to the surface if needed to prevent it from being moved. These road safety products come in a wide range of colours, and we offer reflective sleeves to make these more visible at night. The cone weighs 6,5 kg and has a base width of 1 metre, giving it a small enough surface footprint to use in areas where more road surface is required for heavy vehicles that need to turn.


QuadGuard® system

The QuadGuard® system is recognised to be a trailblazer product when it comes to crash cushions. The latest type available embeds technology that enables it to effectively prevent vehicles from crashing into hazards. This can be done without having to remove the entire system upon impact. It contains a special steel frame that surrounds the housing of crushable cartridges that absorb the kinetic impact energy.

What makes this system so effective is the strength of the Quad-Beam™ panels and the crushable cartridges with superb impact-absorbing characteristics. These cushions have performed exceptionally well in the NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 assessments for re-directive, non-gating attenuating systems.

The system is compact in design, ensuring less surface space is taken up and is available in one to twelve bay lengths. Use these to provide toll booth operators protection against run-away vehicles while the crash cushions also reduce the impact force on the vehicle occupants. These road safety products feature 30% stronger beam strength than possible with the conventional thrie-beam system because of the unique design of the Quad-Beam™ panels.

The crushable cartridges are lined to create a phase-type reduction in speed and absorption of the impact energy. The staged design is what makes it possible to reduce the speed and bring light passenger vehicles to a stop safely.

Installation is made easy with the monorail base as tension cables and anchoring chains are no longer required.

It’s one of the road safety products also meeting sustainability requirements as 80% of the product can be re-used. This helps to reduce repair costs and replace what is needed fast. For instance, with a single crash, usually only the plastic nose along with the cartridges need to be removed. The debris is contained within the cartridges, making it a mess-free clean-up operation.

As far as revolutionary road safety products go, the QuadGuard® system is noteworthy in every sense. View more information on the QuadGuard® system here.


Monster man barrier

Similar to the 1,8 metre-high safety cone for large vehicle construction and mine sites, the monster man barrier is designed to be highly visible. It is not a crash barrier. Instead, it demarcates where the vehicles can drive while also protecting workers and equipment behind the barrier. With a barrier to indicate where vehicles cannot drive, the workers can operate behind it with more confidence.

The barriers also serve to prevent vehicles from ending up in hazardous areas.

These road safety products are made from high-impact UV stabilised polyethylene, ensuring durability even in harsh South African weather conditions. The units are flush-mounted.

When empty. a unit weighs 120 kg, and, when filled with water, the weight increases considerably. It can take up to 2000 litres of water. When filled, a unit is not easily moved, making it a suitable barrier. View more information on the monster barrier.


EuroNEAT System

This system falls into the end-treatment category of road safety products and is suitable for temporary and permanent applications. It is not directive and absorbs impact energy from collisions with it effectively for impacts at speeds of up to 80 km per hour. The system has been tested to meet the EN 1317-3 requirements for crash cushions that are not directive.

With a lightweight cartridge design that comes to 147 kg, it can be transported to the site and installed with ease. The design is compact, which helps to minimise the surface footprint. The total length is 3 metres. Installation is quick and, with it taking only about 15 minutes, several such installations can be done in a day, especially since no special equipment is required.

The EuroNEAT™ system entails a revolutionary design involving cartridges consisting of a single piece of aluminium, housed in the shell also made from aluminium. This makes it corrosion resistant and gives it durability. The aluminium is soft enough to absorb impact energy. In addition to these components, the system consists of steel backup and hardware for attachment along with the steel transition panels.

With its special design, the EuroNEAT™ system can be attached to the concrete barrier end by using the pin and loop connection on the barrier. For maximum visibility, the system’s nose can be fitted with a chevron sign.

The nose is reversible for traffic from any side. The caster wheels on the cartridge make it possible to move the end-terminal and reset it where necessary without having to do the heavy lifting. With a weight of only 150 kg and caster wheels, this is an end-terminal that’s suitable for fast deployment. It comes with anchors, eliminating the need to install ground anchors.

It also facilitates easy resetting and cleaning after impact as the cartridge contains the crush debris. Have a look at this road safety EuroNEAT™ system here.


EuroET terminal

Another one of the road safety products to consider is the EuroET™ terminal which is suited as end-treatment for guardrails. It is made from steel and is easy to install directly onto the W-beam guardrail beam. The ET Plus™ head can be used again after impact. View more information on this EuroET™ here.


Armco guardrail

The W-beam steel barrier is one of the most-used road safety products on South African roads. It functions to indicate a safe path for travel, serves as a danger warning on road curves, prevents vehicles from leaving the safety of the road, and helps to redirect straying vehicles.

In addition, the W-beam products serve to prevent vehicles from colliding with hazards behind the barriers, prevent vehicles from making U-turns on highways, keep livestock off the highways, prevent vehicles from driving onto pavements, and help to prevent accidents from one lane of a highway from spilling over to the next. The road safety products have many more functions and benefits, which can be seen on the W-beam guardrail page.

We offer these road safety products in beam lengths of 3,81 m and 4 m, although clients can request other lengths. Each of the sections can be curved to fit a radius of 3 to 45 metres, making them well-suited for use on mountain passes. End-treatments are available in the standard or the bull-nose types and we offer the beams as hot-dip galvanised or uncoated steel. Galvanisation gives longevity to the beams, ensuring the steel doesn’t rust. The beams are attached to standard timber posts, and the entire system works together to absorb and disperse impact energy.


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These are only a few of the many road safety products available from us.

Our product range is extensive to also include bases, speed bumps, delineators, wire rope safety fences, traffic pylons, and more.

We have a proven track record of superior quality product supplies in South Africa. With a reputation of excellence, experts to help in choosing appropriate items, and installation advice, we meet every requirement as a top supplier for durable safety equipment. See the entire product range here and reach out for prices and help with the selection of products.