Traffic cones may seem like ordinary pieces of plastic. However, don’t be fooled by the seemingly simplistic design of the devices. As trusted suppliers of a wide range of road safety products in South Africa, we understand the many uses of the pylons. The very design of the PVC cones is what makes them so versatile and well-suited for an exceptional range of applications, as briefly discussed below.

PVC Cones for Channelling Traffic

As a Leading Traffic Cone Supplier in the country, the PVC pylons manufactured by Armco Superlite are sturdy, yet light and stable enough to be deployed at various instances where traffic must be channelled into one lane or around obstacles. Unlike barriers that restrict movement into an area, the pylons simply indicate where to drive or where not to drive. The PVC cones available from suppliers in South Africa are made to be deployed easily without special machinery, which adds to their usefulness. The high visibility of the pylons helps to minimise the risk of motorists not seeing the devices and therefore ignoring the channelling instructions.

Improve Control at Accident Scenes

Emergency workers use PVC cones at accident scenes to channel traffic around debris and injured parties, thereby increasing control over the accident scenes and making it easier for the emergency workers to do their jobs. Once again, it is important to buy lightweight, sturdy, highly visible and easy to place devices as available from road safety products suppliers. Time is of the essence in making the work environment safer and to prevent secondary accidents. The pylons available from us meet the requirements.

Reducing Risk at Road Construction Sites

Every time a road worker has to perform tasks near or on a road, he or she is at risk. Motorists may not see them or drive too close to where they work. With the PVC pylons, it is possible to demarcate a large enough space around the work area to ensure the safety of the workers and equipment. By directing the motorists around the workers or equipment, the overall risk of accidents owing to the road works can be reduced. Dayglo orange cones are highly visible. Although we are suppliers of PVC pylons in a variety of colours, the standard orange types are the most popular for road work projects. Motorists are already familiar with the colour and can see it even during overcast conditions.

Warn and Direct Shoppers Around Hazards with Superior Products from Leading Suppliers

Oil spills, water on the floor surface or broken glass on the floor are hazards for shoppers. Placement of the lightweight pylons around the hazards focus the attention of the shoppers on the problem. It is thus useful to have at least four or five such PVC pylons in a retail store and several available to the cleaners of the shopping centre for quick deployment. The smaller types are also available from road safety products suppliers.

Improve Crowd Control at Events

Traffic cones may be used mostly for channelling vehicles into a single lane or to warn of hazards on roads, but the devices are just as popular for showing where customers should wait in line or where event goers must line up. The cones can also be deployed in shopping malls to indicate the 1,5 metre distance needed between customers at checkout points to comply with social distancing regulations.

Reserve Space in Parking Lots

Shopping centre management teams often have to deal with people who ignore the fact that specific parking spaces are reserved for loading and others for disabled users. They purchase small and large cones from traffic products suppliers, not so much for the purpose of directing traffic in the parking lots, but to prevent motorists from using reserved parking spaces.

Access Control Purposes

The traffic cones are used at the exit and entrance points of game reserves, nature parks, estates and secure areas to indicate where road users must stop for access control purposes. The access control officers can easily move just one or two cones to let visitors through instead of having to use a boom or gate system. The same pylons used for traffic control can be deployed in such instances.

Direct People Around Remodelling Spaces

Sometimes, it is not about protecting the users of a facility, but rather a specific area. The cones can be placed around a freshly painted table or wall to prevent people from touching the items. The same types of pylons can be used at exhibitions to show the boundary around a sculpture. When it comes to road conditions, the traffic cones can be placed on either side of a freshly painted road surface sign to prevent motorists from driving over the wet paint. These pylons can be bought in bulk from a Leading Traffic Cone Supplier.

Use at Sport Events and for Training Purposes

Smaller pylons are also available from road safety product suppliers. These types are used to act as small obstacles around which athletes must navigate, and can be used as indicators where to run. The devices are often used to demarcate goal posts, while in other situations the items are used to create safe running or cycling spaces on public roads. Traffic pylons can also be used to block off unsafe road areas such as potholes or excavations on pavements.

Characteristics of the Armco Superlite Traffic Cones

The firm is well-known as being one of the leading suppliers for superior quality road safety products, manufactured according to strict industry standards. With an exceptional range of road safety products available, Armco makes it easy to get all your road safety products from one supplier, rather than many.

The heavy base pylons have sturdy base systems, which help to keep the devices stable and in an upright position, even when exposed to the wind from passing vehicles. The pylons are made from durable PVC, treated with UV resistant ink. The latter characteristic adds to the durability of the devices, especially the ones used outdoors.

The soft pylons in the range help to prevent damage to vehicles or injuries to people upon collision with the devices. Various colours are available. These ones are well-suited for sport applications and indoor usage.

The heavy base cones are available in the following sizes:

  • Height of 450 mm, weight of 1,3 kg, and width measuring 295 mm
  • Height of 750 mm, weight of 4,5 kg, and width measuring 410 mm

The soft pylons are available in the following sizes:

  • Height of 300 mm and weight of 0,6 kg
  • Height of 450 mm and weight of 1,1 kg
  • Height of 750 mm and weight of 2,5 kg

The traffic cones have the typical inverted cone designs with hollow centres. This is what makes it possible to stack and carry the devices with ease, and transport the items without them taking up a lot of space. Considering how many pylons one road building or maintenance project may need, it becomes clear why it is imperative to buy from suppliers that offer competitive prices. With the products locally available from us, it is possible to order in bulk without having to wait weeks for delivery. Fibre installation firms, mines, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, emergency services, event organisers and road construction firms are among the clients that will benefit from our competitive pricing model.

Other road safety products also available from us range from speed bumps to water filled yellow barriers, wire rope barriers, guardrails and 1,8 metre high monster size traffic cones for usage at sites where large vehicles operate. The monster size cones weigh 6,5 kg each with a based width of 1 metre. The most popular colour for these is the bright yellow. A reflective sleeve can also be added to the cone for more visibility. These pylons can be fixed to the road or ground. This is important to prevent the devices from being blown over. The pylons can be used at open pit mines, dam construction sites, large construction sites and at airports.

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