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There is nothing quite like the peace of mind that an impact-resistant Armco barrier brings when it comes to assisting in the safety of road users and workers on a highway construction project. At Armco Superlite, we understand that, although there are many elements involved in a safe passageway through a construction site on a high-speed stretch of road, there still has to be a means in place to protect drivers from other road users, as well as contractors and their employees.

As the responsibility of road safety on highway construction sites falls on the shoulders of the contractor, we at Armco offer you a full range of road safety equipment. Our attention to detail, work ethic, excellent customer service, and quality, durable products have quickly made us the top road safety supplier throughout southern Africa.

In this article, we will discuss our quality, impact-resistant Armco barriers and why you should choose them.


An Armco Barrier for Every Occasion

While on-site employees can use flags and well-spaced speed-reduction signage to slow road users down, and non-impact-resistant sand- or water-filled barriers, traffic cones, delineators, and speed ramps do much to guide traffic through the work area, an impact-resistant Armco barrier can be used to assist in saving lives.

Take a look at these three examples:


  1. The Alpha 70K TMATM

This truck-mounted attenuator meets NCHRP 350 test level 2 requirements. It is a great solution to frequently mobile work sites, like road signage and lane mark painting or gardeners mowing or weed-eating grass adjacent to a highway, for example. It also offers protection for workers, motorists, and equipment.

Armco Barrier

This Armco barrier provides 70km/h impact protection and has many benefits, including but not exclusive to:

  • Absorbing kinetic energy from collision impacts during rear-end accidents
  • Preventing colliding vehicles from under-riding the truck
  • Reducing expensive equipment damage
  • Minimising corner damage thanks to the tapered nose shape


  1. The EuroNEAT Armco Barrier

For more stationery highway construction sites, you cannot beat this barrier. The EuroNEATTM System is an end treatment for permanent and temporary installations. This non-redirective, energy-absorbing terminal offers impact protection for speeds up to 80km/h. It meets the stringent EN 1317-3 criteria for non-redirective crash cushions. The lightweight cartridge weighs only 147kg. It is compact (measuring less than 3m in length), is easily transportable, and can be installed in less than 15 minutes. 

This traffic barrier system consists of a unique configuration of aluminium cells encased in an aluminium shell that withstands the harshest of African weather conditions. The system’s design allows for easy attachment to concrete and other road barriers using its existing pin and loop connection.


  1. The Guardrail Armco Barrier

For more permanent installations, we offer both wire rope fencing and guardrail barriers. Our wire rope fencing barrier is designed to meet the requirements of road safety barriers according to NCHRP 350-TL4 and the new European CEN standards. All installations for this product are done by Armco Road Safety Products accredited teams and are built to be impact resistant.

Another offering is our guardrail Armco barrier. These W-Beams are available in standard or galvanised steel and are manufactured at our in-house manufacturing plant. Our offering is manufactured to SANS 1350 criteria and the hot dip galvanised version is produced according to SANS 121/ISO 1461 specifications. The accompanying timber posts conform to SANS 457. You could also request steel posts custom-made to your specifications upon request.


Choose Right the First Time with Armco Superlite

At Armco Superlite, we have been supplying superior road safety equipment and other products to the construction, mining, and other industries for decades. Our two hot dip galvanising plants can manage mild and heavy-duty steel and we cater to most forms of steel galvanisation. Equally, our quality road safety equipment division can assist you in saving lives in your next highway construction project. Contact our experienced experts for advice, guidance, and consultation. At Armco, we’ll assist in keeping you safe.


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